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    College Is So Gay

    It turns out that if you send young people to a place where all of the authority figures share one viewpoint, they will become brainwashed. (Glass houses, Fox News.) So instead of going to college, just watch this informational video, which explains how zero percent of college graduates can name our current president, but one hundred percent of them know they love him because he's a communist tribal king who loves butt sex and will turn all American children into gay marriage.

    I think Julie P. (thanks for the link!) says it best: 

    #headdesk #facepalm #headdesk #facepalm #headdesk #facepalm #headdesk #facepalm #headdesk #facepalm


    Sarah Palin On Fox News!1!!  ZOMG!!1!!

    Remember when I said the end of overdraft fees was the best news ever? I was wrong. The best news ever is that Fox News has taken on none other than my best friend in the whole world, Sarah Palin, as a "contributor." Finally, they're putting someone with some sense on that channel. [ABC]


    Live Blogging Obama's War Orgy Thingy


    At exactly 8pm tonight, Obama will confuse pundits from all sides by announcing his plans to kill some Muslims. Already, the interwebs are aflame with criticism from unexpected sources: Michael Moore says America will go the way of the Soviet Union; HuffPost wants Obama to just come clean about France like Churchill; Politico points out that Dick Cheney is loving this shizz while DailyKos is freakin out, man! None of this makes any sense because in America one of the ten commandments is that every issue is supposed to break evenly along party lines. 

    Let's try to make some sense of Obama's plan to invade Afghanistan like, even more than we already invaded it, thereby conveniently increasing our troop presence in the region just as Iran is hinting it might stop cooperating with the U.N. and bomb us all. Live-blogging starts at 8! 

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